Description: Yazhi is a casual gaming app for mobile users that is designed with playful mechanics to help users come out of loneliness and feel more engaged in everyday life activities.

Description: PoseAI is an artificial intelligence solution for 3D character pose detection and automatic correction that assists creative professionals in the animation industry.

Description: Laya AR is an augmented reality mobile app that allows users to interact with an animated 3D doll to explore dance movements and learn new concepts in a cultural context.

Description: Electronic Physical Therapy is a health app that supplements clinical therapy and motivates rehabilitation using wearable sensors and remote monitoring technologies (Team project).

Description: Augmented Stories is an augmented reality mobile app that promotes children’s learning through outdoor activities and collaborative story building (Team project).

Description: Smart Maintenance is a subscription-based service that uses predictive dispatching for usage tracking and sensors for monitoring communities (Team project).

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