Design Research | Entertainment Industry

My broad research interest is to study contemporary design thinking, practices and processes in the computer graphics and interactive entertainment industry. The goal of my research work is to build design frameworks that create enjoyable sustained experiences for designers working in entertainment studios. I combine designerly knowledge through practice with academic research methodologies and theoretical understanding, to build innovative design frameworks for designers in the entertainment field.

Fashion Styling in Digital Character Design What is the process of designing digital characters in games and animated media? What are some design practices and creative decisions made by designers in the industry? What are some motivational and human factors that go into the process of creating memorable characters?

Enjoyability in Game Design Process Why do people design games? What is so enjoyable about the process of making games?

Wicked Problems of Digital Animation What are the challenges faced by animators in animation design practices, given the wide array of animation tools, processes and techniques? How do animators embrace these changing trends to create better character performances for enhanced player interactivity and aesthetic expectations?

Aesthetic Experience Design Practices in Action Role Playing Video Games What is the experience of being part of a fight? How can this real-world physical experience generate design implications for fight portrayals in action role playing video games?

Child-centric Culturally Meaningful Interaction in games There is a need for diversity and authentic cultural representation in the design of digital characters and culturally inclusive games. Design paradigms and futuristic methodologies provide opportunities for creating culturally meaningful collective story worlds with children as co-creators.

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